Being pregnant then looking after baby can present a challenge for your skin. 

BABÉ pregnancy and post-natal natural-based skin care solutions have been formulated to take care of your skin from the first trimester to post-natal. Carefully created with the safety of your baby in mind, each  product is the perfect combination of gentle yet innovative  ingredients that will keep your delicate skin soft, soothed, clean and glowing with health.

BABÉ products are coadjutants in dermatological treatments and are recommended by doctors and pharmacists, who value and trust our dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic formulas. BABÉ respects the physiological balance and pH of the skin, contributing to the personal health and wellness.

BABÉ offer effective and quality dermo-cosmetics, together with absolute safety in the use of our products.

Effective means that we care about developing formulas which resolve real skin problems, for both babies and mothers.

We ensure the highest quality of our products through the careful selection of active ingredients and their concentration % as well as the pH value is communicated on each product.

This BABÉ transparency has allowed us to gain the trust of thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers.

All of our products are tested to respect the natural balance and physiological pH of the skin, contributing to its health and well-being.