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BABÉ, producing quality dermo-cosmetics for over 20 years.

Paediatric – Mothercare Pregnancy & Post Natal Care
Dermatologically tested - Hypoallergenic - Not tested on animals



BABÉ Laboratories was founded in 1994 by two pharmacists with the goal to develop a simple and plain line of dermo-cosmetic products that would bring solutions to the basic skin conditions. This Spanish company with headquarters in Valencia has its own R&D and innovation department as well as a Quality Department. Both work under the strict regulations and rigorous processes of the pharmaceutical industry, exceeding the demands of the cosmetic industry. 

The international success and international presence of Laboratorios BABÉ in 40 countries confirms the quality of our formulas.



BABÉ products are coadjutants in dermatological treatments and are recommended by doctors and pharmacists, who value and trust our dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic formulas. BABÉ respects the physiological balance and pH of the skin, contributing to the personal health and wellness.



We bet on quality in every aspect of our work. This is why we are certified with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, corresponding to the Design, Preparation and Commercialization of Cosmetic Products. Our system also fulfils the norm 22.716, corresponding to the Code of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 


Products formulated for doctors and pharmacists

Our products are complementary to medical treatments.

They are produced according to strict pharmaceutical regulations, exceeding the requirements of the cosmetic industry.


 Products designed with the customer in mind

Dermatologically tested to ensure maximum safety of use.

Hypoallergenic formulas. Non-comedogenic. High skin tolerability.
We know that skincare is part of our customers life and this is why we have developed our product lines.

Our forumlas

In BABÉ we offer effective and quality dermo-cosmetics, together with absolute safety in the use of our products.

Effective means that we care about developing formulas which resolve real skin problems, for both babies and mothers.
We ensure the highest quality of our products through the careful selection of active ingredients and their concentration % as well as the pH value is communicated on each product.

This BABÉ transparency has allowed us to gain the trust of thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers.

All of our products are tested to respect the natural balance and physiological pH of the skin, contributing to its health and well-being.

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